Tips for hanging your Blemz mirror correctly

Tips for hanging your Blemz mirror correctly

We love that you bought a Blemz mirror from us to pimp up your space. To make sure you can hang your mirror perfectly, we'd like to share some handy tips and tricks with you. With our double-sided tape, you can hang your Blemz mirror easily, stylishly and confidently!

Prepare the Wall

Before you start, make sure the wall you want to attach the mirror to is clean, dry and free of dust or grease. A clean surface ensures better adhesion of the double-sided tape.

Choose the perfect spot

Consider carefully where you want to hang your Blemz mirror. Adhesive mirrors are versatile and can be used in different places around the house. Choose a place where you will see the mirror often and where it can make a positive impact on the room.

Use the Double-Sided Tape

Our adhesive mirrors come with double-sided tape specially designed for strong adhesion. Carefully remove the protective film on one side of the tape and attach it to the back of the mirror. Then remove the other protective film and press the mirror firmly against the wall to hold it in place.

Option: Choose a Hanging System

In addition to double-sided tape, there is also the option of purchasing your own hanging system. With a hanging system, you can easily attach your Blemz mirror to the wall without having to drill any holes. Choose a system that suits your style and needs.

Check and Adjust

Make sure the mirror hangs level and at the desired height. Don't be afraid to adjust the position until you are completely satisfied with the result.

Admire yourself

Now it's time to enjoy your Blemz sticky mirror! Be inspired by the positive message the mirror sends out and let it boost your self-confidence. We hope our mirror puts a smile on your face every time you look in it. 

Have fun with your new sticky mirror!



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