Blemz is a young and innovative dutch brand started in Amsterdam that transforms traditional mirrors using special laser technology, plotted illustrations & various other materials. Our mirrors are real eye-catchers in any room and leave a lasting impression. Whether you are looking for a mirror for a modern living room, stylish bathroom or creative workspace, Blemz offers a unique and contemporary choice that perfectly suits your style.

We are Puck and Romy, two enthusiastic creatives who met while studying at Amsterdam art school in 2014. We share a love for design, craftsmanship and making unique objects, which led to the founding of our own company.

During our studies, we explored different crafts and art forms and refined our skills. Whether in wood, metal, textiles or other materials, we are always looking for new ways to combine beauty and functionality.

At Blemz, we believe in the power of handmade, custom-made products. Every piece we make is made with passion and dedication. We strive for perfection in every detail so that our customers can enjoy timeless and durable designs that last.