Discover our new collection

Discover our new collection

Hello dear Blemz followers! We have great news to share: our website just got a little more interesting with our brand new models. So, let's tell you all about it soon!

First of all, if you love music, then our mirrors with disco ball print are really for you. They bring that happy, dancing atmosphere straight to your interior. But if you are more into food, then you have to see our cherry and avocado designs. They are so delicious and vibrant, you'll wish you could take a bite of them!

And for the sneaker fanatics among us? We have a special mirror collection you'll definitely want to have in your collection. Stylish and totally fun to complete your interior!

But that's not all. We also thought of those who want to give their phone an upgrade. Our phone cases with a mirrored back are not only practical, but also super stylish. So, when you pull out your phone, you're sure to stand out!

And here comes the best news: soon, we have an exciting photo shoot planned. We will be capturing our gorgeous mirrors in a breathtaking interior, so you can really see how they can transform your space.

In short, whether you want to refresh your interior, treat yourself to a trendy phone case, or just get some inspiration, we have everything you need. So, browse through our new collection and be surprised. See you soon!
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