OSB x Blemz

OSB x Blemz

We have kept you in suspense for a while, but we can finally share it - we are working on a super fun project at the Open Scholengemeenschap Bijlmer (OSB)! 🚀 As a taster of what's to come, we've already given the gender-neutral toilets a dose of creativity.

What's on our creative menu? 🎨

We strongly believe in spreading positivity, especially in places where it is needed most (school). We have already transformed the gender-neutral toilets into colourful, inspiring oases.

A taste of things to come! 🌟

This is just the beginning. We have much more in store for OSB Bijlmer. Creative projects, inspiring messages and much more to keep the school environment buzzing with positive energy.

Stay tuned! 🚀

Want to stay updated on our adventure at OSB Bijlmer and discover the next steps in our project? Keep an eye on our social media and stay tuned for more updates, photos and maybe even a sneak peek of what else is in store!

Thank you for your support and together let's create an environment sparkling with positivity!

See you soon



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