SARI Butik

SARI Butik

Dear Blemz followers <3

We have great news to share with you. Our unique mirrors can now be found at Sari Butik in Groningen. This is the perfect place for anyone who loves cool interior design stuff.

At Sari Butik you can now find our popular smiley mirrors, which always put a smile on your face. These mirrors are perfect for a happy touch in your room. In addition, they also have the disco ball mirrors. These mirrors give a festive atmosphere to any room and are a real eye-catcher, and many more mirrors!

Sari Butik is a cozy concept store in Groningen where you can find all kinds of things to brighten up your interior. They have a wide range of stylish and unique items, making it always fun to browse around there. We are super happy that our mirrors are now part of their collection.

So are you in Groningen and looking for something special for your room? Then be sure to stop by Sari Butik and discover our mirrors in real life. We're sure you'll be as excited as we are! Thanks for your support and we hope to see you soon at Sari Butik.


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