This is how our Girl Power design was born

This is how our Girl Power design was born

Girl power is about the strength of women and was created because women all over the world are amazing! Sometimes we feel down, but we need to remember how strong we actually are. Girls, we should be proud of who we are: strong, powerful and beautiful.

At Blemz, we strongly believe in this. We created a special "girl power" design. We drew ideas first and then used a design progamma to perfect it. We created different styles and colours, so there is something for everyone. Check out our webshop for the designs!

The mirror is not only for looking in, but also to remind you of your strength. It is 10 cm and fun to mix with other mirrors!

Girls, be proud of who you are. Always remember: you are powerful, you are beautiful and you can handle anything! Together, we'll show the world what girl power really means.




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